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Treat invasive fungal infections (IFIs) with confidence

treat with confidence

I Am… supported by 30 years of clinical experience1,2

After more than 30 years of clinical use, AmBisome® is still making a difference in the treatment of life-threatening invasive fungal infections (IFIs).1,2


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I Am… ready to help
those most in need

During the mucormycosis crisis in India, Gilead supplied over 1 million vials of AmBisome® to help patients get the treatment they needed.6

Gilead and the WHO are now working together to expand access to diagnosis and treatments for visceral leishmaniasis in key endemic countries, such as Brazil, India and Ethiopia.6,7

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I Am… approved for use in 63 countries and counting3

As the carefully selected treatment for over 2 million patients with life-threatening IFIs,2 AmBisome® has crossed oceans to provide hope for so many families across the world.

Take a look at some of the most important milestones for AmBisome® over the past 30 years , from the first licence in Ireland in 1990 to the production of over 100 million vials today.

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I Am… manufactured in
world-class, cutting-edge facilities

In the fight against life-threatening IFIs, Gilead are dedicated to ensuring a consistently high-quality supply of AmBisome®. Today, the new La Verne facility can produce up to 50,000 vials in one batch, corresponding to over 650 kg of AmBisome®, ensuring patients can continue to benefit from AmBisome® across the world.

  • Over 30 years, Gilead have produced over 100 million vials of AmBisome®8
  • Gilead are committed to increasing supplies of AmBisome® and breaking down barriers to access9 to produce the quantities required by the world’s population
  • Every single vial of AmBisome® is produced to the high standard needed to tackle IFIs head on

Why trust in 30 years of clinical experience?


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Date of preparation: April 2022. Job code: IHQ-AMB-0432.