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ICU Corridor

Day 0


Welcome to the ICU corridor

Explore interactive clinical cases based on real-life clinician experiences of treating patients at high risk of invasive fungal infections (IFIs) within the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) corridor.

Learn more about how and why treatment decisions were made over time in response to developing clinical scenarios.

Investigations, imaging and insights from the consultants who managed the cases demonstrate why AmBisome® was chosen to help fight a broad variety of IFIs.

Select a case study

Desmond Profile

Desmond, 78 years old

Desmond required major abdominal surgery. At increased risk of Candida albicans infection, how was he effectively diagnosed and treated?

Stephan Profile

Stephan, 61 years old

Stephan was diagnosed with severe acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), requiring mechanical ventilation. Stephan's risk factors raised a high level of suspicion for IFI. What was used to treat his infection?

Alara Profile

Alara, 24 years old

Alara had diabetes and T‑cell lymphoblastic lymphoma and showed signs of serious infection. Learn why her risk of IFI was increased and how her central nervous system infection was treated.

Juan Profile

Juan, 72 years old

Juan experienced respiratory failure with COVID‑19 infection. What happened next when he was diagnosed with COVID‑associated pulmonary aspergillosis?

Arjun Profile

Arjun, 19 years old

Arjun was diagnosed with mucormycosis, with underlying uncontrolled diabetes. Find out more about his high risk of IFI.

Diego Profile

Diego, 58 years old

Diego was admitted to the ICU with influenza B, acute hypoxaemic respiratory failure and acute anuric renal failure. Find out why he was at risk of an IFI and how he was treated for invasive aspergillosis.

Gustavo Profile

Gustavo, 74 years old

Gustavo went into septic shock following complications of major abdominal surgery. Aspergillus was one of the infective organisms detected. Find out how Gustavo was treated.

Somchai Profile

Somchai, 70 years old

Somchai was diagnosed with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) 12 years ago, and now admitted with fever, severe headache, bilateral weakness, slurred speech and confusion. Was an IFI the reason for his problems?

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